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Pay attention to commonly used herbicides types and the problems in use
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1, according to the properties of commonly used herbicides herbicide, it can be divided into 2 types, namely: selective herbicide and herbicide.

The selective herbicide. By the use of object is divided into paddy herbicides and herbicides, we should strictly distinguish, can never be interactive use. Herbicides are divided into 2 types of stem and leaf buds closed before treatment. Pre-emergence herbicide are closed, effects of atrazine, acetochlor, trifluralin, cable, an Wei, Dole, B a mixture, jade grass net and so on, these herbicides are used mainly in crop after pre-emergence; foliar herbicides are Haloxyfop-r-methyl, gallant spirit, sethoxydim, mainly in the crop growth period, only suitable for peanut, sweet potato and other broad-leaved crops; paddy herbicides are butachlor, bensulfuron-methyl ( BSM ), Quinclorac ( two Quinclorac ), two methyl four chlorine as well as the synthesis of paddy flourishing, help farmers, rice invincible, build-up etc.. Paddy herbicide to butachlor, because of butachlor on barnyardgrass control effect and good effect on certain broadleaf weeds, so should be used " butachlor + Londax " or " butachlor + biaoke " herbicide, can achieve a pesticide control the weeds in paddy field. No water leakage soup closed not help with the herbicide, should be in the barnyard grass grows to 2 to 3 leaf stage, broadleaf weeds in paddy field, Qi Wang help farmers or rice stem leaf invincible. Triangular grass, the water floating broadleaf weeds such as multiple plots, stems and leaves can be used for processing the build-up or londax.

The herbicide. This class of herbicides are mostly used for orchard weeding, general crop fields disable. Even if the individual species applied to crop fields, must be used in crop older, but must use the directional spraying method. Herbicide commonly used types of Gramoxone, paraquat, glyphosate, roundup agricultural wins, etc..

2, according to the herbicides in mobile plants classification:

( 1 ) contact herbicide and weeds: contact agent, only kill and medicament contact part, plays the killing effect of local, plants that do not transfer. Only to kill the weeds on the ground, underground part of weeds or rhizomatous perennial roots of weeds, the effect is poor. Such as nitrofen, paraquat etc..

( 2 ) the translocated herbicide: agent by the root or leaf, sheath and stem after absorption, conduction into the plant, the plant dies. Such as glyphosate, prometryne etc..

( 3 ) the translocated, contact herbicides: integrated with the translocated, thixotropic type double function, such as killing grass amine.

3, by using the method of classification:

( 1 ) leaf processing agent: the herbicide solution against the water, with small droplets is evenly sprayed on the plants, the spraying method using herbicide called leaf processing agent, such as glyphosate and haloxyfop.

( 2 ) the soil treatment agent: Herbicide spray evenly to the medicine layer soil in certain thickness, bud, seedling when weed seeds and root contact absorption and to kill the grass, herbicide, called the soil treatment agent, such as simazine, prometryne, trifluralin, can use the spray, sprinkling method, method of administering poison.

( 3 ) stem and leaf, soil treatment agent: for stem and leaf processing, can also be used as a soil treatment, such as atrazine. The main factors affecting herbicide effect

In recent years, the rapid development of the application of chemical weeding, growing area. But every year there are very few farmers user application can not reach the ideal effect, especially the use of herbicides, the main reason is caused by improper. Factors affecting the weeding effect are soil moisture, temperature, organic matter content and the use of technology in 4 aspects. In general the pesticide soil humidity, temperature is high, the weeding effect is good, otherwise the difference.

Several problems should be noticed in 4, the use of herbicides:

before use, must understand the mechanism of herbicide application, crop, weed control range, do an antidote against the disease.

to read the instructions carefully before use, should be in accordance with the instructions require dose, application time, application methods and precautions to do.

The paddy field, dry land and orchard herbicide is strictly prohibited interoperability.

The glebe herbicide to the attention of the soil moisture, soil drought when the water to a large, general Mu dosage of not less than 70 kg. Should be in the wind or in the rain wet ground operation.

And every time after spraying, spraying bucket should be cleaned with soap and water, to prepare for the next use.

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