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Distinguished Cyperus rotundus and water centipede
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Cyperus rotundus and water centipede with Cyperaceae weeds, distribution is two vegetative in categories and space, although you can use the same effective agents of Cyperaceae weeds to control, but there are great differences in the use of the method.

Cyperus rotundus are buried in the underground tubers and richness of multiple root, centipede only creeping stems water surface, aconite than water centipede is more difficult to control them from the control difficulty, at the same time control difficulty of the two are not the same. Control difficulty of Cyperus rotundus lies in its underground part of the huge, absorption capacity and absorption of leaf agents limits on the amount, quality excellent herbicides also need two to three times to the underground part of powerful completely removed or the Nutsedge control in a negligible level, its seed fecundity advantage on the lawn if not, it will be Cyperus rotundus after a period of struggle in the future, the probability is very small, features a little put things right once and for all; control problem is that the water centipede grass mimicry skills, in order to adapt to the lawn low built environment, water centipede in very low knew blossom, and strong blossom of the frequency is very high, it should be said that water centipede is strong master, ability to reproduce the grass stems and seeds are very strong. Most people think, cause water centipede difficult to control its resistance is stronger, for purple Nutsedge effective medicine not to water centipede effectively, this understanding also has a certain truth, reality is water centipede blossom early, on drug absorption ability is poor, and the energy absorption agent tender parts are buried in the ground by lawn blade barrier, agent did to water centipede bud, such absorption medicine rarely, so is the effect of the medicine is not good, through a lot of practice shows that by pruning of grass, the water centipede germ exposure, then spray penetration agent can solve the water centipede, so in the plant ( nutrition body ) prevention, prevention and control of water centipede as long as the proper way, far better than purple Nutsedge control.

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